Wu Forever…

Had the pleasure of interviewing the RZA a few weeks before the release of his movie, “The Man With the Iron Fists”, in NYC a few years back (shout out to Ezact and Positive Force for the connection).  He did a show first and then afterwards we went backstage and chopped it up a bit.

RZA is one of the most humblest celebrities.  During the course of the interview, it struck me that he would’ve answered questions all night.  It was extremely comfortable and unrushed.  He answered every inquiry in depth.  He spoke about the quality of the crew he had on board for the film, the importance of having knowledge of self in the music industry, and even delved into the comparison of Wu-Tang Clan to the eight Chinese Immortals.

It was easily one of the best interviews I’ve ever been fortunate enough to do.  I remember riding home that evening thinking about the footage I had just gotten.  Growing up as a hip hop fan and a fan of originality and creativity, RZA was at the forefront of that obsession.  To be able to have the opportunity to build with him…. It was just one of those “wow, who would’ve thunk it” moments….


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