Getting Started

I started this business as a hobby.  My first camera was a Sony camcorder that I purchased back in 2010.  I started off doing videos for family events.  One of the first videos I did was for our annual family reunion.  It was a well put together video and remains a great keepsake for our family today.

Later that year, I did a video for my wife at the time surprise birthday party that my brother in law and I put together for her and her sister.  I received so many compliments from family, friends and her co-workers on the video that I began to take it a little bit more seriously.  I was being told that I can begin to do weddings.  My skills were pretty good.

I continued to hone my craft, learning more about the editing software I use (Final Cut Pro), subscribing to video services, learning more about cameras and equipment.  The first video job that I actually got paid for was for a cousin’s good friend 40th birthday party.  She saw a video that I did for my cousin a few months earlier for her 40th birthday party and wanted the same memories captured for her special day.  $75 i charged for that video.  She recently reposted that video for her birthday and a slew of memories came swarming back as I began to reminisce on how far I’ve come.

This blog is going to continue to delve into my video journey.  It’s been a great 5 year run and I’m going to take you through it.  Thank you for taking the time to read my first entry.Irvin Harmon Beach


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