One day, I was on another assignment with Analog Entertainment for the sports show, NJ Sports Greats.  On the way over, I ask who we’re interviewing today, and we were headed to interview Greg Grant at his house.  I’m just shaking my head on the way over because I know once he sees me all he is going to do is crack jokes.

Sure enough, we get there, he welcomes everyone in and I’m the last one that walks in.  He starts laughing just as I expected.  “What are you doing here?” he kept saying.  We mainly interacted through my cousin, TCHS assistant basketball coach Marlene Neal, and cracking jokes with us three.  I think he knew I was involved in video just not on that level of this production.  So, he found it hilarious for some reason the whole day that I was apart of the production crew.  “Wait til I talk to Mar!” while laughing he said about a good ten times.

The interview was legendary.  At this time, he was the head basketball coach at Trenton High.  That was a story in itself.  There were some emotional moments in the interview, mainly when he reflected on draft night, getting drafted in the NBA, and what that meant to him, his family, and the city.

I had my own memories of him at Trenton State.  I remember seeing him drop 50+ multiple times at the Lions Den.  That pull up, mid range jumper from the hash mark was virtually unstoppable.  Since then, I’ve had the pleasure to provide video service for him at his 94 ft. Gala.  The legendary Greg Grant….

Greg Grant

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