“Take the Picture the Right Way!”

Carl Lewis

A couple years back, I was on an assignment with Analog Entertainment (shout out to Russell Teel and John Tucker) doing a sports show.  On this particular day, we were in Willingboro, NJ where they were honoring some of South Jersey’s biggest track stars.  It was myself, cameraman John Tucker, and my good friend Gerson Martinez on this assignment.  Again, this was South Jersey’s biggest track stars so, of course, the biggest of them all, Olympic gold medalist Carl Lewis, was on hand.

We were privy to interview all of the top people there from the athletes to Carl Lewis’ mother and brother.  Now, it was time to interview Carl himself.  John was behind the camera, I was monitoring the sound, and Gerson conducted the interview.  The interview went extremely well.  Gerson did a outstanding job to say the least.

Earlier that day, on our way to the venue, Gerson told us a story of how he met Carl Lewis before in Atlantic City in the early 2000’s when he was in the VIP section of a club down there.  He said it was him, Allen Iverson and a few other folks and they were drinking and Carl was out drinking them all.  Long story short, he said Carl lined up some shots but nobody wanted to drink them so he drunk them all and called them a “bunch of b**tches !” and walked off.  So, I knew Carl had some gangsta in him.

So, after the interview, I ask for the pic.  First thing he did was look me up and down.  Twice.  Then he smiled and said, “Let’s take the picture.”  Now, at this time, in every picture I had taken, I pointed my finger towards the camera.  It was my signature pose.  So, I do the same for this picture.  He turns toward me and sees me pointing and smacks my finger down!  “Take the picture the right way!”  I was stunned.  That’s why I’m cheesing so hard in the pic……


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