Testimonial Video

Celebrity shout out to Irvin J Productions… A testimonial video of people I’ve worked with and met during my videography tenure…

Work It Out

Irvin J Productions often partners with trainers in a variety of sports to do workout videos to promote a healthy lifestyle.  A few workout videos that have been done have been with some accomplished athletes, including Malachi Richardson, the number 22 pick in the 2016 NBA draft.

Promo Videos

Promo videos are great for looking to acquire funding for an idea or your business.  We work diligently to put together a visual that will accomplish your goals.  

Editing and Videography

Irvin J Production’s editing and videography credits for television, film and documentary include The Place to SOAR, a community-based television show produced and hosted by Anita Russell; You Reap What You Sow, starring Tommy Ford; and The Theatre 7000 Story: Romans 11:4, a family-based discipleship ministry.

Wedding Day Joy!

Wedding videos are the backbone of our business. Being able to capture a bride and grooms most cherished moments is always an honor. Irvin J Productions prides itself on making sure no moment is missed on the most important and memorable day of the newlyweds new life together.

Video Reels

As a new client, you may want to see our best shots from shoots that have already been done, as opposed to watching a full video. Here are a few reels, including wedding reels, for your viewing pleasure.

Music Videos

Creativity is on full display when it comes to music videos.  We provide the full array for music videos, including treatments and extras if needed.  Irvin J Productions gives a very credible visual to your music.

Concerts, Movies, Casting Calls & More

Irving J Productions takes you behind the scenes on several video projects such as a radio interview with Bobby Brown and Paul Campbell, a casting call for the movie, Nobody Believed, the making of You Reap What You Sow, starring Tommy Ford, and much more. These behind the scenes clips demonstrate the expertise and professionalism that makes Irvin J Productions widely sought after nationally .

Fashion Shows

Fashion Shows – Walking down the runway and making sure it’s captured correctly means everything to a model, aspiring or established. We have shot numerous fashion shows, including one with TV star Erica Mena as the host.

Community Presence

Luncheons, conferences, speaking engagements and community outreach…we provide video services for all corporate events.

Events & Business Commercials

Advertisement is a vital aspect of a business’ success.  We shoot, edit, and get your commercial ready for television.  So whether it’s an event you’re promoting or a promo video for your new venture, give us a call to help bring it to life.

A Humble Journey

Humbly, Irvin J Productions has had the privilege of working with plenty of celebrities during our videography tenure. From Bobby Brown to RZA to Carl Lewis to Don King, it has been quite a journey. Enjoy some of our celebrity interviews here.